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Poli Production RV

Poli Production RV is a all-in-one production motorhome, with 2 full makeup stations, private wardrove space, 1 complete restroom, sofa, desk, and a full kitchenet. Poli 4 was custom designed with comfort and efficiently in mind for your production crew, clients or talent. Make it a production central, an operations headquarters or a combination of production, makeup and wardrove, you decide.


  • Office spaces (Production Team).

  • Multiple Work stations.

  • Multiple configuration sofa stations.

  • Makeup Station (2).

  • Directors chairs for hair & makeup stations.

  • Wardrove space (Rack, steamers, etc.)

  • Private wardrove space (independent entrance).

  • Ample drawers and storage space.

  • 2 Entrances.

  • TV/Radio units.

  • Kitchenet.

  • Refreshments station.

  • Full Bathroom unit.

  • Custom Interior.

  • 110V, 12V Power-points everywhere.

  • Wi-Fi.- Hi-speed Wireless Internet (complimentary).

  • Ultra Quiet Generators (7000 kw).

  • 2 independent climate controls zones.

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