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Production - Trailers
& RVs

Poli Productions provides top-of-the-line production Trailers & RVs for all your industry needs. With our custom-configured units, you can rely on our expertise and experience for all your production requirements while on location. From our most compact all-in-one 32-ft trailer, to our largest 44-ft multi-talent production unit, and everything in between, we are your trusted partner.


Poli 1 is a one of a kind 32 ft compact

all-in-one production trailer with full office space, wardrove (racks & steamer, etc.), makeup stations (2) and two back restrooms units.

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Poli Green is a all in-one 34 ft trailer - Office (double slide out - huge), wardrove with extra slide-out, 3 makeup stations with additional slide-outs, and two back restrooms. Unit is partially powered by top of the line solar panels. 


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Poli 2 is a 36 ft trailer - with  extra office space (slide-out), wardrove (slide-out), 2 makeup stations (slide-out), and 2 back restrooms.

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Poli 4 is a 44 ft, multi talent holding-agency trailer, with 4 independent sound proof rooms with multiple configurations. Each room room has extra space (slide-outs), makeup stations, wardrove stations and 2 back restrooms.

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Poli Production RV, is a all in-one production unit, with full makeup stations (2), private wardrove space, 1 complete restroom, sofa, desk, and a full kitchenet.

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Poli Rv is a all in one production Rv, with an office seating area, makeup station, private wardrove room,  and 1 complete restroom.

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Poli Evoke is the definition of bold and modern! This multi purpose trailer can be used as small production unit or as a talent holding.

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Poli Imagine has all you need for your production needs

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Poli Productions LLC

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