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Talent Holding Units

At Poli Productions, we have the most complete and luxurious fleet in South Florida, providing custom motorhomes perfect for any variety of uses including hair & makeup, talent holding, and production offices on location. All our vehicles have been designed specifically with luxury and the A-lister in mind. When you’re on-site all day or just between takes, having a hot shower, a nice meal, a cool pillow, and quiet isolation only steps away can be priceless. 


Poli Rv is a all-in one production Rv, with office seating areas, makeup station, private wardrove room, one full bathroom, and much more.

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Poli Star Coach is a top-of the line 39' Fleetwood Providence custom designed motorhome. Fall in love with this unit the moment you walk it.

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Poli Imagine is a best-in class custom extra wide talent unit. With it's grand design and commitment to exceeding any expectations, this unit has all that is required for privacy, relaxation, comfort and work space.

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Poli Celebrity is a trendsetter top-of the line talent unit. This unit with it's combination of technology, lavish details and sharp appearance is a best in class.

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At Poli Productions, we understand what kind of luxury our most demanding clients need. With our Next-Level coaches, we deliver the most luxurious talent motorhomes in South Florida.

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Poli Production LLC

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